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Edlebrock Performer RPM set up

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Is anyone using the Edlebrock RPM (heads and/or intake and cam) setup on your vintage stang? If so what kinds of improvements did you get and how do you like the set up?

1966 GT 350 Clone
289 (rebuilt with JE, Eagle, Arp)
Edleborck RPM Heads
Comp Cams hyd roller, Crane 1.6 rockers,
Holley 650 DP, Hookers 1 5/8, T-10, 3:55 Gears, Custom Dual exhaust with X Pipe
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Heads and Intake on W in race car....good fit and them out of the box with no mods...

Consistent and reliable...purpose-built engine so I have no comparitive sampling.

If the quality is still there like it was 6 years ago when I bought mine, I'd give a thumbs-up...

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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