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some of you may have read about the 67 coupe that i put a heater core in and then the car started having electrical problems. well, the other night i went over for another round. we pulled a bunch of extra wires off the car that the PO added for accessories. Anyway, I decided that the owner should go buy a new alternator, regulator, alternator wiring harness and we'd try all that to see if it would fix the problem. the problem with the car was at this point is that the battery was not being charged.

anyway, i put the regulator on, remove the alternator and then proceed to wire the new alternator with the new harness. had the 67 Shop manual as a handy reference and after a couple minutes determined that the problem all along was that the alternator was wired wrong. He'd been through 3 previously and they kept getting burnt up. Well, the ground wire for the alternator was wired to the'STA' post. Put the new harness on according to the shop manual and VOILA! The car is charging wonderfully and everything is just fine and dandy.

the guy that put the first replacement alternator on goofed. damn &^*&^*&%@!* I probably spent a good 20 hours troubleshooting the car and all because of someone else's doofus-ness.

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I made the same mistake when putting my 66 back together, except I had already put new wiring harness on the alternator, while giving the car its first chance to run and warm up after installing motor etc, I noticed some smoke thought it was just oil or something burning off of new engine, looked down to see my brand new alternator harness getting fried, and wouldn't you know a mustang buddy(competitor) of mine just happened to be pulling in the yard as I was running around the other side to shut the car off-caught in a doofus moment.

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Glad to see you finally figured it out.

BTW, wasn't that what I originally suggested as the cause? Heh heh... me check your shorts! My multimeter is just a-waiting! Formerly known as Midlife in the old VMF.
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Too bad the PO doesn't post on the forum, we could try out the new doofus award signature attachment for his "doofus-nes" (I like that word *LOL*).

Glad you figured it out ... I remember when he thought you did it by replacing the heater core ... I guess he knows better than to question you now!

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Glad to hear. Now you can help me make sure I have all my routings OK. Hey Charles -- Did you get my message about my run-in with your friend and mine?

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