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Electrical Weirdness?

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Starter is acting weird. Works fine in am but just sits there buzzing when I start it hot. I suspect the battery but I did the "ol' short check" by disconnecting the positive and hooking up my test light between the loose cable and the battery post. The light lit about 1/2 bright then faded out. I was able to get it to repeat about 4 or 5 more times, the same thing.

What is this, the radio memory or clock? Or?


J. Boggs
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You have any timed relays in the car, such as seat belt lights? That's the only thing I can think of...
Didn't want to say but this ain't a Mustang. Wife's Benz.

Has a few idiot lights but I'm checking the battery in the trunk-Hey, didnt' think, might be the trunk light-I can't remember if there even is one-gotta go check. Wouldn't slowly go out like that would it? Only takes about 1 second to go out.

J. Boggs
Gettin weirder. I have an alligator clip hooked to the positive cable (disconnecte from the battery). I touched the light end to positive terminal and it glowed slightly then went out. A couple more times but it didn't light.

I then touched the negative terminal with the end and it lit then went out, two more times same effect.

That can't happen can it? Doesn't there have to be a positive hooked up? I am sure that there is nothing touching by accident.

J. Boggs
did you check your grounds becuase i was getting the same effect in my mustang i would get power throw my grounds sounds weird but if you do not have a good ground weird things happen
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