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Electronic Ignition

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I have a '66 Mustang with a 200 six cylinder. I have a slight driveability problem with it I can't seem to remedy. It has a small hesitation or almost miss at mild excelleration. It idles a little bit rough sometimes too. I have replaced all the vacuum lines and checked for the obvious problems. I recently replaced the carburator with a rebuilt from a flea market, but have since bought a new one I will be trying here soon. I also replaced the distibutor recently with a new one because the problem really seems like ignition to me. I was thinking about trying an electronic ignition conversion to see if it would help. Has anyone had any experience with this sort of problem and been able to fix it with the electronic ignition? I guess it really couldn't hurt to at least try it at this point. Maybe I'll get lucky and the new carb will fix it, but I really don't feel the problem is in carburation. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Cruising weather is almost here, and I can't have my Stang running bad!
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I was going to post message on this when I logged on. On a previous post I had this very problem, My 65 289 would idle and accelerate good but at cruising speed it would miss and stutter. I found if I removed the vacuum line to the carb it would run OK. i tried checking the gap on the points and the dist. springs but all seemed good. Last week I got a good deal on a Pertronix kit for 49.95 and a Pertronix coil for 27.95 so I bought and installed them. i noticed the improvement immediately. On the test drive I remembered the the vacuum line and pulled over and connected it to the carb and it ran GREAT! I did not expect it but what the @#$# I am not going to even try to analyze this one.
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