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wow a lot of nice stangs there last night, I can only imagine what "pony night" will be like on 7/31. I think I saved one of our fellow stangers from letting go of his dreams of restoring his stang. Guy had a fairly clean 73 H code Mach in need of some resto, eng interior etc. but the body was very solid. It was a project of his and his dad's and he didn't have a lot invested in it, but doesn't have the money now to take it where he wants it to be. I mentioned that if he doesn't need the money for the car, he should wait till he does have the money to fix it. it was in storage for 19 years,..... a few more years won't make a difference.

I made that mistake once..........

was anyone else impressed with that total custom merc zepher (I think) that was orange.

Hey Zim, did you ever think of making little business cards with the CVMC on it? I can offer my time or assistance where needed.

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*Anything* you would like to do to promote the club would be great!

If you have an idea to make cards - even just small pieces of paper to
hand out to people at the shows you go to - that sounds good to me.

You can use the logo from the home page if you want.

I will probably want to do this eventually anyways, so if you want to beat me
to it - thats just one less thing I have to do!



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That orange zephr was friggin cool. I don't know how he'd ever go over a speedbump though!!!

There were a few other nice cars there (and lot's of nice looking ladies)... I love downtown Elmhurst.

I saw a couple of nice Mach 1's and Boss 302's there. I liked the tricked out yellow stang too.

Anyway, there's a place called where you can design business cars online and get them printed for free. Just pay shipping. I think it's only in quantities of 250 at a time though. May be worth thinking about. I ordered some before, and they are pretty nice....



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Did anyone notice the bright yellow 1969 r-code 428, or the all original (still had the stickers on the valve covers) Boss 302?
Man, those guys have a lot of work in those cars,,,,

1969 Mach1 (80% done!)
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