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I use the 66 style cable. It's a 1 piece design and locates under the rear frame rail, instead of over it. Requires 2 U shaped brackets to attach under the floor pans. Any other parts used are the same as the 65.

The cable:

Be sure that it comes with the U shaped attachment shown on the lower right.

Automotive tire Rim Automotive wheel system Font Circle

The above retains the cable under the floor pan, just after the frame.

Location of the above brackets:

Picture above is for illustration purposes only. I believe the U brackets are normally a little more outboard and that they are normally located just a little in front of the seam where the floor pan meets the rear panel that goes up over the differential. The seam doesn't seem to exist in this photo. A google search will be your friend for actual locations.


1 - 1 of 4 Posts