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Before i tell you the problem, i'm going to tell you some specs. on my car. I am running on full DRUM BRAKES accompanied with a powered assist (booster). I was driving my car yesterday night, and my brakes suddenly gave out. My break pedal went from being close to the floor to suddenly being raised. When i reapplied my foot to the break, it was very tough breaking. Besides all this my car suddenly made an akward noise, a Sssssssss- my car was also running on a high idle (Carbureator- running very high). I suddenly checked my break fluid, but none had leaked? So all together my car's breaks went out, my car was making a Sssssss noise originating from the driver's side, Car was running on high idle and when put into reverse my car would shut off. Later on today i will be taking it to the shop to see what's wrong. Can anyone please tell me what's wrong, i have no exact idea. Please right comments, conclusions, or remedies. It would greatly be appreciated. Thanks a lot.
(It was pretty freightening having my car shake harder than usual>