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Engine and Trans Removal

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Picked up an engine hoist over the weekend and looking to pull the existing trans and motor next weekend. I'm not quite sure where to go for mounting locations. Heads? Intake Manifold? Exhaust bolt? What's the best and easiest?

I was going to pick up a hoist leveler for the job also thinking that would make life easier.
The existing motor has the carb and manifold installed and was planning on putting the new motor in with both installed as well (ideally). But most pictures I see on the net have the manifold off when using the leveler. I don't care so much about the existing motor but when the new one goes in that I've spent so much time and money building I'd rather there not be chain rubbing or pushing awkwardly on parts.

Is a lift plate and leveler an even better combo? Lastly I don't have springs on my hood hinges. Chances of me getting away without removing the hood? Aligning is a PITA

Thanks in advance
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THanks for the replies. Guess I'll pull them separate then and go with the manifold plate. Was going to pull the trans and have a tech give it a once over. No known issues with it. Maybe I'll just leave it in there then and only deal with it if there is a problem down the road. We'll see
Aww man now I'm back to considering them as a pair. I've heard that lifting the rear of the car also aids in ease. Anyone else hear that?
I would agree with everyone saying to remove them togethor provided that your ceiling is high enough.
LOL shady tree mechanic here. I should be good, the sky is my ceiling
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