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Engine color opinions

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I am finally getting around to some detailing under the hood and I would like to get some opinions on what to do next. From what I have seen semi gloss black is the color of choice for inner fenders core support etc. What color were 289's painted in 66? I have seen a dark blue and a light blue. The dark looks kind of bad to me but which color is correct?
Also what brand of paint is the best for this application? Does it need to be high temp? What color should be on the front of the rad support, behind the grill? What is the meaning of life?
I know this is a lot of questions but I sure am glad that there are knowledgeable people willing to give answers.
Thanks in advance.

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I literally just crawled out from my engine bay after having applied the first coat of Ford Corporate Blue to my engine (66' like yours), so I feel compelled to respond. The color is definately darker than the teal(ish) color ford was using in the earlier 60's. I also agree that it does not look as good as the black motors from 64.5' and 65'. Unfortunately, if originality is your goal, than blue is your color. I will post pics tomorrow of my motor befor I start reassembling. That should give you a better idea of the color. By the way, I am using Plasticoat high temp (300-500 deg.) engine enamel. I think it looks pretty good all things considered.

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