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Hello people! I have taken the engine out of my '65 fastback to clean up and replace a few things, but now I have questions. Under the starter C8OE-6015-A and a tag on the head 302 C 68 1
8 E K280-J does all this mean I have a 302 and not a 289? Maybe a 289 with 302 heads? Under the valve covers the head is stamped 302 2V. Please help

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According to Bob Mannel's book the tag decodes as follows:

C-Cleveland assembly plant
1-change level
8E-date of mfg (May '68)
K280-J-engine prefix ( This is a conflicting #. The 280 is listed with an F indicating auto trans in a Fairlne,Torino,Comet with IMCO) The J on your tag is not listed with the number 280, but with 283,284,285,286. The location of the tag is as it was placed by the factory.

Hope this helps
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