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Engine knock until it warms up

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I hate asking questions I'm pretty sure I know the answer and it's bad news, but maybe I'm wrong. I have a '68 302 that I bought last fall. Just got it down off frame jacks after doing the floor. While it was up there, changed the oil pan and, naturally had to change the oil. Used same oil that previous owner used. Anyway, all of sudden, I have a knock that seems to come from the bottom of the engine and goes away once it's warmed up. My guess is a main bearing or a rod.Motor supposedly has 45K original miles with only valve seals and a timing belt replaced. The guy I bought the car from is a mechanic. Suspect there was an "additive" that kept the motor quiet until I changed the oil. Am I correct on diagnosis and if so, anyway I can buy a couple months until fall comes and I have more time to pull it, get it fixed and detail the engine compartment while it's out? Mark