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Engine not starting... some hope and some help

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Maybe there is some hope for the non-starting engine.
I put the oil pump shaft back in, and positioned the distributor and rotor on number 1 plug. (I think that might have been my problem). Now at least the car seems like it wants to turn over, and I know the fuel pump is working, I am getting fuel to carb.
The car won't 'hold' the start, and it seems like I have to hold the key turned all the way to the right to keep the engine running (what little it does). If I keep the accelerator pushed in and the key all the way to the right (not the 'on' position), The car wants to run.
Questions: I think I might be close, but not sure. Is it a timing question.
Also, since I put the oil pump shaft back by using the method HoosierBuddy suggested (thanks by the way. I used a rubber hose instead, but you gave me the clue). I had to lift the distributor a few times to get it positioned correctly. I am pretty sure the shaft remained intact, but how can I be sure the pump is actually working? Take the oil filter off and put a new one on and see if there is oil in it??
At least the garage is full of exhaust. I think it is a good sign.
Thanks for all the help, maybe I am almost there.
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Pull a vavle cover and see if there is ool coming out of the rocker arms. Sounds like your ignition switch might be bad.

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Sounds like you're real close. I'd loosen the distributor and advance it a bit, (move the ditributor in the direction the vacuum advance is pointing). Also, it might be flooded from trying to start it before so be aware of that. You should know rigt away if the pump is working from either the oil light going out or pressure showing on the gauge, (if so equiped).

Post back and let us know.

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Sounds like the inigition switch to me. You say that it will run only when you have the key turned all the way right. When you let the key go, the engine dies, right? Electrical.

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I've been watching your posts and I glad you didnt give up and bring your car in. I just went through the same thing. To check to see if you have power at the coil in the run position just turn the key to run and the wire connect on the starter side of the solenoid should power up. Use a grounded test light to check. If you don't have power here you may have a bad wire connection. Good luck
you may have fouled spark plugs from trying so much - suggest you pull a couple plugs and clean and regap if necessary - keep at it and you will feel good when you here it purr.
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