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Engine pinging problem

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Hi guys, I need help with my engine pinging problem when I accelerate or from a stand point. I had the timing base adjusted to 8 degree and total of 36 degree already. Is this could be because I need a valve adjustment. I have never done one, can someone explain it to me how to adjust the valves.
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Change advance curve or less timing.....36 total is a bit much for todays fuels in a 289 IMO....when does it currently come in, rpm-wise?

Increase octane rating of fuel by adding octane booster or racing gas..

Carb is likely fine...plug readings?

Valve adjustment is definitely not cause....

Get back to us...
Try a tank of premium, I had the same problem in my 67. It didn't totally cure it for me, but it sure helped alot. I still need to figure out my timing or if I need a new distributor. Of course now I have to continually use premium and at $1.55 a gallon, I have a tendency to use my truck more often.
I have been using premium for a while, the engine idle at 3000 rpm and plugs are normal. I replaced the distributor with MSD while back ago, also installed MSD box and coil.
I am tempting to adjust the advance curve.
The idle is 800 rpm ....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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