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Engine Questions.

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Whats the best way to Pre-Lube a FE motor? Also, what is the best way to adjust valves whrn you run a flat-tappet cam? And finally how should I do the break-in after I run It for 30 minutes to break in the cam? I am really nervous that I will break-in the cam wrong and have it go flat again. Last time it went flat after I put in new lifters when I had a valve job done.
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I've never had an FE, but don't know why it would be any different than a small block when it comes to breaking it in. I run the cam in by running the engine at about 2500 RPMs for about 1/2 hour. After that, I dial the engine in, and then drive it like I stole it. The only real thing to watch for in breaking in a new engine is not staying at any constant speed for long periods of time. Vary the engine speeds a lot during the first 2000 miles to seat the rings.

Oh, and change the oil after the first 1000 miles to get all the engine assembly lube out of it.
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