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Hi! My username used to be "Cradskatr99" but somehow it was lost along with the 900 posts I had. I have a few questions regarding my engine before I put it in the car:

1)After I install the harmonic balancer, do I need to torque the bolt?

2)What is the best way to clean the inside of the fuel tank?
It is only 6 years old so I don't need a new one.

3)Do the motor mount brackets mount on the front or the rear of the shock tower? I can't seem to find an answer to this!

4)Does anyone have a diagram showing the location of each water pump bolts? (since they are different lengths)

5)Where does each wire go on the alternator? I bought a new harness and there are 5 wires.

6)What is a good set of spark plugs for my engine (see my profile for engine description).

7)Is a 195 degree thermostat okay? I live in Temecula, CA if that has anything to do with it.

8) Is it possible to use the stock accelerator rod with an Edelbrock carb?

I know I have a lot of questions but I want to do everything right. Thanks everyone!

1-yes, you should torque
2-eastwood sells some gas tank cleaning kits. in my opinion best way to clean it is take it to a radiator shop and have them dunk it for a day.
3-V8 or 6 cyl mounts?
4-Shop manual is a good source for this, or buy the AMK kit, comes with a diagram....
5-shop manual.. again.
7-180 would be fine for your car
8-dunno, i suppose

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1. Yes, torque specification is in the shop manual (good even with aftermarket harmonic).

2. No comment. Radiator shop seems like a good answer.

3. If you use stock '65 frame brackets, they mount in front of the shock tower and the bolts extend through the shock tower (3 bolts on each side). If you use '66 frame brackets they straddle the shock tower mount with the clamp facing towards the front and only require two bolts. If you use stock '65 frame brackets you have to use pin-style '65/'66 mounts. For '66 mounts these are saddles that cradle the frame bracket. On the drivers side, the short side of the engine mount faces the oil filter and the long side faces to the rear. On the passengers side its just the opposite with short side to the rear and long side to the front. In either case, mount the frame brackets to the car first then mount the engine mounts to the engine in the manner described. When you install the engine the mount pins will settle into the frame brackets (early '65) or into the saddles (late '66). For late '66 use a centering dowel to align the hole on front or back of saddle and then slip the bolt through from the opposite direction. Pull the centering dowel out as you slip the bolt in. Repeat for other side.

4. There are many different water pump bolt configurations due to differences in water pumps, timing covers and accessories. I happen to have a diagram for '66 with a/c if you'd like me to send it along. It gives you some idea of which goes where and you can make adjustments from there. I've not seen a case yet where one or more of the bolts from a custom set were exactly correct. BTW, NPD sells these bolt kits with diagrams as to where to place each bolt. Doesn't mean you'll get exactly what you need but usually the kits are close to what you need.

5. I can provide a drawing but gotta go home to get it. Perhaps tomorrow.

6. Start with stock Autolite, NGK, Champion, AC or whatever plug brand you like best. As long as they run okay, run them for 1000 miles. Take them out and read their condition. Adjust heat range based on the condition you find them in. The most important thing to read is the condition of the center insulator. If it looks like new or is light gray in color you're very close to having the correct heat range. If its blackened, you need a hotter plug, if its brown or heat checked, you need a colder plug. If the insulator has rounded and not crisp looking and also browned then go two heat ranges colder. Drive for another 1000 miles and check again...repeat until you find the plugs that work best.

7. 195 is okay for a car with catalysts. No catalytic converter and you'd be better off with the engine running cooler. 180-190 is the preferred range for your climate.

8. I use the stock rod with either Edlebrock or Holley mounted. The main thing is to check the throttle range before driving the car. When connected the throttle rod should rest easily at the idle stop with the idle screw fully backed off. When the accelerator is mashed to the floor the throttle should just fully open the carb butterflies and not more. There is no secret to this, just check it out before you drive making sure it does what its supposed to.
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