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Engine Ticking Solved

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A few days ago it put up the following post:

I have a 66 convertible with a 289 engine and a C4 transmission. There is this annoying
tick-tick-tick from the engine. You don't here it when driving with the top down, but you
do when it is up. Of course it is quite obvious with the hood open. I still have the 'soft'
valve seats, and I use lead substitute every other tank or so. Any Ideas on how to get
this to go away. A mechanic friend of mine said to put Miracle Oil in for a few weeks prior
to an oil change. Is this a good idea? Will it Help?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

It has been solved, and here is what is was:

I took the car fora drive to the local service station (the kind that sell both gas and fix cars) to buy a newspaper. I asked the owner, who is a fan of vintage cars to take a listen. He immediately said it was an exhaust leak. I popped the hood, he closed his eyes and put his ear by the engine. He said it was coming from a spark plug. He popped off the wire, and sure enough, it was so loose, he could tighten it with his hand. He offered to get his tools, but I told him I would do it at home. Once I tightened it, the ticking was gone. There nothing likea good ear. Best 50 cents I ever spent.
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Glad to hear everything is fine.
I had this happen once when I had the wife install plugs on her car.
Except she left two out four plugs loose! :)
Still gotta love her for trying.

66' 289 2v, C-4, bench and a/c
On my first fastback in high school I actually had a spark plug work it's way loose and blow out of the engine (most likely a major doof on my part). There is was hanging by the wire.
So I could get where I was going I had to reinstall it without benefit of the proper tools (read: by hand and BURNS)
Lots of fun. Dickson

1965 GT fastback
There's a fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness" - Dave Barry
I was working at a Shell station long ago when I was in highschool. This guy came in with a similar problem. However, he had driven the car sooooo long with the problem, that it actually burned a hole in the side of the head/spark plug. When we finally got the sparkplug out, it had a groove down the side of the threads. The head also had it. Can you say heli-coil?

Great you found your problem...early

Steve Leslie, 65 coupe in restoration. 302, toploader, A/C, disc brakes, bench seat
Nothin' like the obvious to wend a windy path...*G*

Thanks for the heads up...great tip...

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