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Engine/Trans. Installed, Best $24 I ever spent

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Best $23.90 I EVER spent!! I bought a load leveler today to help me install my engine/transmission. In the past I had just used a chain, and got a group of fellas together and we would "manhandle" the combo into position.
With the load leveler, I was able to install the engine and tranny MYSELF. I had no idea that thing was so handy. I didn't even scratch my newly painted engine compartment. So now the engine and transmission are bolted in, and the transmission lines are finished. Tomorrow I will start putting all the "little stuff" back on. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS I am glad to have that part done :)
For Pics, click HERE .

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What is a load leveler?

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Congrats! I've never used one of these items before, but if it helped you not hick the engine bay paint, wel....

Dp you have pics of the install??


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Well, If you just bolt up a chain to the engine, and then hook the "cherry picker" or lift to it, it is very difficult to get the engine to hang just the way you want it to. Add a transmission into the mix, and it is downright nasty to try and install the pair together. You need to be able to tilt the whole assembly , tailshaft first, into the engine bay and then level it off and continue lowering the engine/tranny into position.
A load leveler is a bar that has a big threaded bolt through it. on this bolt, is a place to attach your lift or "cherry picker". You can crank this bolt, which in turn moves the pivot point of the whole thing, allowing you to "level" off the load, in my case the engine/transmission. I was able to tilt the assembly down into the bay, then level it off once it was down in there.
Click HERE to go to a webpage I have setup with a few pics of the engine installation. You can see firsthand what a load leveler looks like.

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Yes I do.....HERE .

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Thanks for the info. I have seen load levelers advertised in different catalogs and thought they would be great. Now that you've confirmed this I will definitely be buying one. Where did you buy yours?
Thanks again.
How much for the computer monitor in the floor?
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hehe, Thats for a new system I am building.

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where did you find one for $24? HAven't seen them advertised for less than $59. Was able to borrow one for the last job I did. Was a little small for a big block though. Had to change the chains in order to get the unit attached and level side to side.
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