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Picked up a 65 Mustang parts car with what I think is 302
motor. The only numbers I can find on the block are just above the oil pan on the
bottom right side at the back: 27 E7TE CA S
Can anyone tell me what motor this is? I did see the letters
XX cast in the lifter valley. Thanks,CDC
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Looks (from the numbers provided) to be a 87-8 five liter. E7 would decode to 87

Sorry don't have any books to decode (exactly) something that new

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Looks like it may be a '87 roller cam block! If it came out of a Mustang, it'll have fordged pistons and a decent street cam. If it's not a Mustang, It'll have flat top cast pistons with no valve reliefs and a really mild cam, it'll still be a roller block though if it has a flat tappet cam. I'm not exactly sure when they switch to roller cams on everything. Not all roller cams are the same. If you want to use it, ( not a bad idea ) you'll have to do something about the different engine balance. Either get the conversion damper and flywheel, or use a earlier 28.8 oz. 302 crank and have the ring ground off the rear main journal. Good luck.

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