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’99 5.0 bare roller block, never used, with cam bearings installed $350obo.

’92 5.0 crank, turned .10, never used since machining, includes used ’91 5.0 rods. $100obo

’67 289 out of my ’66 conv., running long block with timing cover, Edelbrock intake, oil pan, balancer, and flex plate. Does not include carb, valve covers, exhaust, pulleys, distributor, or accessories. Leaks at the rear main and water pump, but runs good and does not smoke. Come and drive it before I pull it. Best offer.

’66 289 pulled from parts car. Would turn over, but would never fire due to gummed up carb. One head was pulled to check bore (.30 over.) Includes timing cover, oil pan, balancer, flex plate, and valve covers; carb, intake, exhaust manifolds, and pulleys are missing. Best offer.

Jason 214-682-2901
1 - 2 of 2 Posts