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I installed a rebuilt PDB booster an master cylinder and late yesterday received the brake hoses for the front.

I'm going to install them later today or tomorrow, I bench bled the master cyl. before installation.

Any tricks I need to know about the hose install? It looks straight forward enough.

The "equalizer" or distribution block has had the sending unit unplugged (I wondered why the brake light didn't come on when I had a blown rear wheel cylinder, now repaired along with complete re-do of rear brakes, bearings, seals etc.) How do I get the brakes properly bled to get this where I can plug it back in? If I remember right this is a pain.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Haven't been around as much as in the past. I'll tell the downsizing/new buysiness story soon as I have a bet with SWMBO involving new engine or sell the car based on business performance!

Wish me success!

Doug-"Whether you think you can or think you're right!!" GT/CS w/289-2v,PDB,A/C,PS,candyapple red,black top and interior,pertronix,chromeSS Wheels w/ GT centers, 215x14 BFG radial T/A's 3.55:1 open and KYB's

I had the same problem with my dist block and it eventually seated itself properly; another way I did it on a different car (maybe this was just luck) was that I had it plugged in, then had a helper with me. Brake down, crack the screw for a moment, let the air out, close the screw, brake up. Then without pressing the brake again moved to the next wheel to get most of the air out. I had good success with this method, but again it may have just been luck - I think the manual tells you to do something along these lines to re-center it (figure out if it's front or back then crack the appropriate bleeder screws to move it the other way).

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