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A friend of mine is selling his Mustang business. It is well established opening in 1977. He has a large collection of parts both new, NOS, and used. He has many, many parts cars of all years. Mustangs, Cougars, and other Ford and Mercurys. He has been selling parts on ebay for a while. He has a main office/store. This is where he has his new reproduction stock and his NOS parts. To the side of the main store is a garage area with a lift. Attached to the back of the office is a storage facility large enough to hold an extensive collection of parts and several cars. I'm guessing that this area is about 3000 square feet. Again, that is just a guess. The office is probably around 1800 or more square feet.

Also towards the back of the lot is another 2 or 3 storage facilities. Those are all full of parts as well. He has all the various engine parts...289, 302, 390, 428, and so on.

Fastbacks, Convertibles, and Coupes as far as project cars. Many have been picked over.

He is ready to retire from the Mustang business and raise cattle. He is just burnt out. He is ready to make someone a deal. Trust me, this is a lot of good parts. He stressed to me that he is ready to make someone a deal on everything.

If seriously interested, call Larry Karr at 256-974-9580. Please be sure to tell him Kevin Sykes told you about him.

Business Name: Larry's Mustang
Location: Moulton, AL
Phone: 256-974-9580
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