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Just for fun of it, I took 60ft, trap speed and ETs and did regression on ET. Sample was statistically inferior with just 7 observations, but anyway this is what I ended up with
ET is 17,935 plus 1,874 * 60ft minus 0,080691 * Speed
Speed is MPH.
Times were from Finland with poor 60ft times ( street tires, no trackbite etc). Just to test out-of-sample I tried Hottarod's time slip from the old forum 13,31; 1,95; 103,6. My formula gave 13,23.
Test the formula and tell how accurate estimated time was (and expose your times at the same time). I want to see how close to universal law of strip this is. (Later on this will be called Arto's equation.)

Door handle first when cornering
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