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Exhaust leak driving me crazy!!! HELP

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My 428 has headers (Yes I threw away the manifolds in 1980 when I was in high school) Anyway, on the left side I hear chook chook chook. I know I must have a loose bolt or something but there is no way to get to them. Can I unhook the motor mounts and jack the engine up enough to help without unbolting anything else? How can I replace this gasket the easiest way? I don't feel like pulling the engine of course. Is there any way to figure out exactly where the leak
is? Thank you for any advice. Chooky
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get a mechanic's stethescope to pinpoint the area. i've never worked on a 428, but can't you just use an open end wrench to tighten the bolt? you can try using extensions, u-joints or a crow's foot to get to the bolt also. there has to be a way without resorting to lifting the motor.

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typically you can lift an engine 2-3 inches by removing the connecting bolt from the motor mounts. Past that the trani will touch the firewall. Normaly that should not be needed to headers, maybe jack the car up and look from the bottom.

If it's just a gasket, I've had luck with just undoing the header bolts (Half or more from underneath) and pulling the header away from the head. To make positioning the gasket easier, I partially thread in one end bolt- usually toward the back. This leaves about 1/4 to 3/8 inch gap. I slot (toward the outside!) the corresponding bolt hole in the gasket. I slip the gasket in hooking it on the bolt and rotating the gasket into position. Threading in any other header bolt holds the gasket in position while I take the next 2 hours getting the other header bolts back in.

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