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exhaust manifold heat tube hole question

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hey gang,
im on day 3 of grinding out the rust pits on my I 6 exhaust manifold. The hole where the auto choke heat tube attaches was filled with metal shavings. is that some sort of packing to keep debris from going up the tube, or is it supposed to be clear? anybody know?
mike o
here's the before shot

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I think I recall in the shop manual that there is a packing material in there, but I have
not seen it personally.

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just take a drill bit that fits snug and clean it out. the new heat tube is a friction fit and nothing else is need. the heat box in your exhaust manifold is sealed off from the gases unless it is like mine was. the box caved in and i was sucking raw exhaust thru my auto choke housing and tubing that provides slight vacuum to draw heat thru housing. that was with a brand new Pony carb - fortunately Pony took it back and cleaned it for free.

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It used to be a steel strand packing. It's purpose was to trap particles from invading the choke and fouling the piston. It's still available in stainless steel strands. Cost is $2.00.

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