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Exhaust progress and a question

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I bought 2 90 degree stainless mandrell bends from J.C. Whitney. I cut 1 1/4" off the outside bend of each one. I then formed a 3/4" spacer out of 16 guage stainless steel and tacked it between them to enlarge the plenum area. Tomorrow I will TIG weld the assembly together into a n X-pipe with an enlarged siamesed intersection. I'm humbly proud of it and I wish I had the resources to post a picture.

Question. How close dare I get to the underside of the floor pan with the exhaust tubing between the X and the mufflers. I have the Total Control sub connectors and "H" brace. The exhaust tubes and the driveshaft all goes above the "H" brace, and I'm concerned about clearance and heat on the floor pan.