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OK I apologize for those who have a bone with other topics but i have warned.

If any of you has a good knowledge of both sybase sql and microsoft sql server i need you ... this could make you some extra cash for pony parts.

Here is my predicament... i have a sybase database that we are porting to MSSQL the database and the views have all been recreated.

My problem is that i know the sybase scripts but i have no exposure to mssql scripts. I have a bunch of stored procedures a few triggers and 1 function that needs to be recreated and i do not have time right now to sit and learn this and no one on my staff either and i need this rather quickly.

it represents about 700 lines of scripts or ten printed pages

I could provide the database scripts for import in mssql.

Sure i could have gone and contracted the work but i figure there has to be someone on here that can do this easily quickly and could use the extra money?

sybase version = 5.2
mssql version = 2000

if interested PM me

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Of all the databases I use on a regular basis (Oracle, Informix, MSSQL, and SQLBase), MSSQL is by far the biggest PIA ... but then if it wasn't, it wouldn't be Microsoft *LOL*. Only Microsoft can simply things to the point that they become so complicated that they no longer work,

BTW ... if you're porting over an SYBASE app, I hope you're moving to a much faster box. MSSQL is a system hog. In order to run the same stuff as I had running from an INformix database on a Unix box, I had to increase the speed of the computer 5x to keep the same performance.
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