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Exploding Gas Tanks and Canadian Mustang

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In The October 1999 issue of Mustang & Fords there is an article about installing a metal backseat panel in lieu of the standard card board piece.

The piece is made by Canadian Mustang, and allthough for liability reasosns they can't claim anything, it seems to me like the thick metal piece makes sense. In particular, I wanted it to replace my rotting stock divider and cover it with sound proofing material. I'm not really worried about my gas tank exploding and dousing me with flames, but I do like metal better than cardboard any day of the week.

I didn't want to install it myself, and to my extreme surprise my favorite shop refused to install the product, again for liability reasons.

Anyone else had any wierd experiences like this?

Also, if you have time check out my website at

I just started working on it today and need input. (and spell checking!!!)



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Everybody scared to touch anything anymore. I noticed you have the AFR heads on your new motor, how
do like them? I just a installed a AFR headed 302 myself, i'm very impressed with the power. How is the powerband with the B303, when does the power come on, when does it flatten out?

1966 Mustang Coupe, 302 custom roller cam, holley 650dp,
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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