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Extremely Exciting Day!!!!!

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Went over to the folks who have been doing all the work on my 67 coupe trying to get her road ready. I purchased my new front fiberglass valence and fiberglass shelby style hood, wanted to get it all put on the car and everything lined up so I could drive it some. The owner of the place says to me "Kalin I will do the whole deal for $4500.00, all body work, including the new cowlings, front end alignments, everything including the paint job!!!!" I even got the ok from the wife. I am having a wonderful day. So in about 30-60 days the beast will be on the road, I can't wait. YIPEE!!!
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Make sure you get it in writing /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
Yes, get it in writing, especially after the message about a week ago in which the guy originally heard $1500, and ended up paying $4000 or so for a job that was crappy and not finished.
Been there done that! I appreciate the advice. But I have already taken care of the fine print stuff.
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