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Fabbing Floorpans

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i was wondering if i couldn't find my floorpans, could i inded fab them out of some other material myself? i have the skills to do so, but is this a good idea, b/c i never intend on selling the car so collectors value won't be an item

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What car are you needing floor pans for? They are readily available for mustangs. I went to your website to see your car, but there's not one there. However, you have a Georgia flag there, but you are from MI.
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I hope so because I'll have to do the same thing myself. I have a 65 coupe that has 2 rust holes from where my father installed rear seat belts. The holes are where the floor ends and goes up toward the trunk. I can't find any sheet metal in any catalog for this spot.

What I'm going to do is cut out the rust and weld in a hand made patch for the spot out of the left over material from my quarter panel patches.

The repo floor pans are ok, they are not the same though. the easiest floor pan fix i ever had was when I had a parts car with non rusted pans and cut that section out and it was amazing how it fit like a glove with very little prep needed. So it might be easier to find a donor car for floor pans.
Virginia Mustang sells the section behind the rear floorpan. It's described as the floor pan under the rear seat. $27.95
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