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Factory tint %???

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Good morning!

Were tinted windows available as an option in 65? If so, about what % should I go for to be closest to what Ford offered. 50, 35, 20 15, or 5% (YEAH right, LOL!).

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Yes they were. All fastbacks had their rear windows tinted, without exception. The options for tinted glass were; windshield only ( it was actually the shaded style), or all windows which actually were tinted green and called SunRay, except as noted for the windshield. The percentage call would be a WAG at best.

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I heard that all factory A/C cars in '65 automatically got the tinted glass, but I'm not sure if that's correct.

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Average tint on today's cars is 70 %. This means 70% light is being transmitted through the window. As far as you application I'm unsure.

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