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Fan Shroud

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I saw this 66 GT-350 on the net and it had what appeared to be a chrome fan shroud. It would seem that the stock type fan shroud would not lend itself well to being chromed. Has anybody ever see (or done) this? A picture of this car is at and select 'Shelbys'. It's the real one, number 2060. If you saw my question about polished Cobra valve covers, this is where I saw those too. I want my engine to look like that!!

If you go to that site and have a strong stomach, check out the '70 GT-350 Convertible. I don't know what is sadder, the shape it is in or the fact that they are trying to sell it for almost 40 grand...

1966 GT Convertible (see it at:
1969 Sportsroof (which is For Sale, by the way)
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With the 65-6 being steel, why would you think they wouldn't lend themselves to being chromed? They're the only fan shrouds lent to chroming.

Tom Kubler, Long-time Mustang Enthusiast & San Antonio Mustang Club Founder
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