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Hello, I just took a look at my car parts and I have a few questions about the part numbers. I'm planning on restoring the car as original as possible and that leads me to this question. What is the best source for finding the original part numbers of the 428? The car is originally a 69 R code 428CJ but was replaced with a 390 somewhere through the years. I'm not sure which parts are different from the 428 originals so I wrote down some numbers.

Intake is obviously wrong (2 barrel) but what does it belong to? C6AE 9425-F

Next is the fan

Power steering pump(I tried to write it just like what was on the tag but the spacing is a little off)
8M 4C

C6AE 6090 R

Water pump
C9AE 8505-A

Thank you for any and all help.

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The fan is for a 69-70 428CJ. It should be a 7 blade clutch fan and the diameter is 18 1/4" and the center hole should be 2 5/8"

The heads should be C8OE-N to be CJ heads. the #C6AE 6090 R should have a letter after the E something like C6AE-L

The heads you have More than likely were used between 66 and 68 and from a 390

Doug Whisenant

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