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FE Parts needed

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Need the following for a 68 GT S-Code (390/428 motor), Four speed
Bellhousing (prefer aluminum)
Flywheel (390)
Clutch fork
clutch actuator rod-- the one that goes through the firewall.
Clutch adjustment rod
FE motor plates for Mustang, and motor mounts as well (not frame mounts.)
Let me know what you have,
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all FE manual bellhousings are cast iron. just so ya know. ;)
i have the cast iron bellhousing seperator plate and dust cover. correct for mustang and fairlane etc, this is not the big ford/truck bell housing.

Ive had a couple of RC bellhousings that were aluminum. old race stuff. I also had a Ford XE bell that was a copy of the iron one that was aluminum. They are rare but not impossible
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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