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Ive got a bit to go for this car .....
Last night when I arrived home from working OT , my wife tells me of a friend of the family that has another friend that has a 66 coupe mustang that "Has to go" and it's free .

So , I call my buddy up that is looking for a 65/66 coupe to restore and we got grab it today .
It's a C code 66 coupe that's in really bad shape but we might scab together a couple cars to fix it . The roof is the worst part , the shell and inner frame is rotten along the drip rails , the car will require a roof from a donor car but before we fully condem the car it's going to get completly torn down and looked through to be sure we are going to scrap it .
I have a 66 coupe that's got a decent roof but the rest of the car is toast so it would be a good donor car .
Anyway ,
The door data plate is missing and all I have is a buck tag .
Im no expert on buck tags because I play with the 64.5's and 65's mainly .
Here is the info :

D 870

16 K20 6T0C131239

65C 8 36

Now , I know the basic info and the 65C shows it as a coupe with a bench seat but Im not sure if the "8" is a color code (springetime yellow) or if the 36 means black interior (which it has) .

The bench seat is missing and it has some odd-ball seats that I have no idea WTF they are from . It is multi-colored so telling what color it is/was will take alot of looking if it was not springtime yellow .

I'll post pics in a little while as I need help to figure out what the intake manifold is and what the front seats might be from .

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OK, here goes:

I believe you're missing a number here that I've added the space for, which denotes body style, though that's pretty obvious anyway: "6T0_C131239"
6= 1966
T= Metuchen plant
0_= Body (07=coupe/08=vert/09=fb)
131239= consecutive build number, starting with 100,000, so yours would be a fairly early '66 build

"65C 8 36"
65C= coupe body/bench seat
8= ?? No numbers used for paint, that I know of. Sure its not a "B"? In late '65, that'd be Midnight Turquoise (note your "early '66 build).
36= black bench interior

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If you run the "8" through the secrect decoder it gives springtime yellow . Im guessing that digit should be the color then ?
It's not a "B" for sure .
Funny thing when I looked at the VIN number I told my wife "Id bet it was built around Novermber 65" . Apparently I was close with the date it was bucked was October 20th 1965 :)
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