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One of the rarer Days lately,
went over to the storage place today to see what i still own[kind of scary]
worked on stripping the fiber fab car for paint,took my 2 workers out to lunch
fired up a few of the cars,droped a X type lug wrench on the hood of my 70 W-30
olds 442 vert[remember the bull in the china shop story ?]
spilled oil on the floor,spent about 450$ on 5 new batterys
and over all had a great day!
its been a lonnng time since ive felt this good
takes me back in time when i used to do this stuff every day,[cept the stupid stuff]
i kinda miss you guys i haven`t been that active latley
friday im back on the chemo again this will be short lived freedom
`` the littel things in life''

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Glad to hear that you are having a good day. And yes I have noticed that you have not been too active on the board lately, although I have been here way too much and need to get a life. :: How did that line go from "Hill Street Blues" Let's be careful out there fd

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Dave i hope its not to far away that you,ll be having a good day every day.Ron.
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