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Fiberglass Mustang leaf springs

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Found a cool website for fiberglass leaf springs. They custom make the springs to your application and specifications.

Their springs weigh 8lbs each as opposed to 45lbs each for steel... Quite a savings.

Of course they're around $200ea...

Cool though!!

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Very cool. But is that $200 per spring or per pair? If that's each, then OUCH.......

I wonder how well they work? I've never heard of anyone doing something like this befor.

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I have them on my 69 Mach and I am pretty happy with them. They are firm but not as harsh as the springs I had before. I'm not sure that I would buy them again though as they are very expensive. I bought them trying to get rid of a bad wheel hop problem that nothing would seem to solve. They did not solve that problem either.

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That price is not far off from the price I payed for the springs on my truck, each. My concern would be with the strength of a fiberglass spring

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I've been looking at those for a while...the only thing that really worries me is the interface between the aluminum spring eye and the spring itself. It is bolted and I am worried that stress concentration in the bolted area could cause a local delamination of the fiberglass (well that and possible interactions between oil and solvents like brake cleaner that may get on the spring.), especially if he is using a unidirectional arrangment of fiberglass. I didn't feel comfortable asking him for his specific layup shedule and resin type because that is usually sort of proprietary. I figured that if I ever went that way I would at a minimum use underride traction bars or equivalent and a panhard rod to try and relieve the spring of as much structural duty as possible and let it just be a spring. But with that kind of effort it doesn't seem like much more to go all the way with a four link and coil overs. The only thing that really keeps me coming back to the composite leaf spring/traction bar/panhard rod setup is the ease of packaging with the existing Mustang structure. As a side note the flex-a-form guy swore that fiberglass was superior to carbon or other fibers as a spring, but didn't give any real substantial data as to why. Seems like a nice topic for discussion.
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