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isn't it annoying when new guys like me just keep coming up with questions you guys/gals have probably answered a million times already and then we don't really do anything with the info you give us? ehhehe

actually, I'm kidding. I'm still planning what my prime directive shall be for this car and to that end.....

what are good sources for fiberglass body panels for '69 mustangs? Since I'll have to repair/replace the fenders, I was considering going to fiberglass; not necessarily for any weight reduction or any racing duty, mostly for the experience of working with the stuff (also...they don't rust!!). Also, what about hoods?

Thanks, all,


'69 coupe in the making

I am no expert. Having said that, I believe that unless you are needing a weight reduction for racing it will be a waste of time. Most (not all) cars I have seen done with fiberglass do not look as good as their sheetmetal counterparts. the quality of the fiberglass is almost always lacking, and it shows in wavy hoods and fenders. The amount of work it will take to get the body looking good will be way more than preping a sheetmetal part. JMHO.

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