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Figured this room neede a little action. NOT OT

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As you may or may not remember, I recently bought a 68 coupe to use as a "More Dedicated" open track car. The car is an extremely rust free California car.

I did however find a little damage in the quarters; hidden pretty good on the outside. I found it from the inside and once I knew it was there you could begin to see it on the outside.

Here lies the question; Being that crumpled/bent metal is not as strong as straight metal, would I be better served by replacing a quarter as opposed to just making it look good. If it makes any difference, the damage looks to occur from wheel well through wheel well; I don't see any damage to the wells though.

My thought is that these cars are put under more stress than the daily drivers and I might be wiser to replace it/them rather than stress that area more. Judging by the wrinkles on the inside there might be a fair amount of bondo on that area.

Any thoughts?
thanks, alan
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If this is truely a dedicated track car, if it looks good at 10ft, let it be. My car has had it's share of minor
dings at the track and a few bigger ones. My driver's rear quarter has more bondo in it than most VMF'ers
have in total on their cars. It's also 15+ years old and holding up well. I did it at an open track at Pocono,
hitting the steel wall on the banking coming out of the infield section. If you don't get into trouble ocassionally, your not trying hard enough.

That said, save you money for go fast parts, or better yet, safety equipment.


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Can't help but think of an older friend that used to help pit for a race team here in AL. that raced a "real deal" R model 65 Shelby in the late 60's, early 70's...

Before a big race at Road Atlanta they discovered the race tires were rubbing the front section of the rear inner fenders. Rather than go to a different tire or wheel, yep, my friend "made" clearance with the BFH!
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