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FI'ing a 78 302?

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I was going through the local wreckers and saw a Lincoln (roughly late eighties) with a full 5.0 EFI w/computer setup hanging around! Just wondering what would be involved with swapping this to my 78 302? Also, what parts should I salvage from this thing? Will I need to change the heads?


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If your 302 is stock you might want some head work done or get aftermarket heads. I have a hunch the '78 heads and piston combo weren't the best. The cam's nothing to write home about either. I have a hunch you're probably going to change it anyway...

The Lincoln FI isn't exactly the same but if you get it grab everything, intakes, electronics, wires, relays, sensors, computer, and air plumbing. I don't know if it's a speed density or a Mass Air system. The Mustang Mass air system is more forgiving with mods like heads and blower.

Windsor-Fox would have a lot more info on this.


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