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We're down to the last couple of days for this special and still have some stock left on the first run of these.
If you're thinking about ordering one get it now at this great price while it's in stock.

Look for new final product pictures of the brace in all its powder coated glory on our website. Pics will be up around 8pm est.

From now until Sept. 1st we are offering a pre-order on our 65-70 quick release engine bay brace kits.
Retail price for these is $68 plus $10 shipping.
Our special pre-order price is $63 plus free shipping for a total of $15 savings.
Units will be ready to shipping out on Sept 2nd.

Kits come with the following:
Mounting plates, bar, T-handle high grade quick release pins (12,000lb sheer strength) and a black powder coated finish.
Mounting plates come with welded on sleeves for the bar to sit in. Bar may need to be trimmed to length depending on your application. Quick release pins slip through the sleeve and bar which gives you easy access to your engine with the pull of the pins.
For more info and pictures go to

We accept Paypal, credit card payment through Paypal (to this e-mail address: [email protected])
Or check and money orders made out to:
Kanter Performance, LLC
504 4th Ave
Westwood, NJ 07675

Feel free to contact us for more info.
[email protected]
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