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I finally got most of the engine put together this week. All thats really left is the flywheel/clutch and the t5z transmission.

I just need to bleed the brakes, put on the front wheels and she goes in!

I've been working with Bob Kurgan of Kurgan Motorsports out of GA to help tune the computer. He's estimating about 340rwhp with a fairly conservative tune.

Here are the specs:

331 Stroker
Roller block
Scat 9000 crank
Scat 4340 forged I beam rods
Probe SRS flat top pistons, running a little over 10:1 CR
Trick Flow FAC 170 heads 2.02/1.6
Trick Flow 1.6 roller rocker arms
Trick Flow stage 2 cam: Duration @ 050 lift: 224 int./232 exh. Lift with factory rockers: 0.542 int./0.563 exh. Lobe separation: 112
Melling oil pump
Canton 9qt road racing oil pan
Holley Systemax II intake
30 lbs injectors
75mm Accufab throttle body
90mm MAF
JBA stainless shorty headers

And pics:


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A friend of mine had, literally...the exact same top end and cam on a junkyard 302 shortblock.

Here's the results:

Not too shabby. With the 331 you'll have a shorter powerband...but should have substantially more torque =D.

It'll be a fun ride!

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