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...more than just around the neighborhood. I even got to open it up a bit on the main roads. What a rush! I love my car! Too bad I had to get back for Easter dinner!

Michelle (aka Mustang Shelly)
1968 GT 390 Fastback

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Easter Dinner, I hope you had a good supper. You could have called and said that you'll be back for Midsummer. There ain't nothing like driving it after too many wasted days.

Door handle first when cornering

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hi doug2stanger here
i havent had the chance to open it up much
on my 68, although i changed over all the wheels from my wifes
65 to my 68 to see it f i had a bad tire on mine.
i turns out, i must have a bad one. but back to your car it is a nice car.
my uncle had a 67 coupe that color once. it had the eight track player
in it. sounds like your car must run pretty good at the old highway speed
of 70 or over. i once had my stang up to 110 mph . that is about all i could
get out of a stock 289 2 barrel., that was back when i was 17 which was about
22 years ago. glad you enjoyed your ride , just be careful.

douglas rhine of nebraska
the man with the sad dog face

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i did just about the same but i decided to turn back cuz i think i almost hit the easter bunny or a relative of his and man that would have sucked for the little ones!!!....LOL
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