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Thanks to all you VMFers, my 67 Coupe is alive, well, and happy.

When last we left our story, the pony was idling roughly and couldn't pull over 15 lbs of vacumn. We spent several weeks trying literally dozens of suggestions (all good), including fuel pump volume and pressure, harmonic balancer slip, idle mixture adjustment, vacumn leaks, etc. Finally, I did a search on VMF and read a post from last January where somebody else had discovered a lifter problem as the source of all his similar woes.

Still ready to try anything for the pony, my 16 yr old son and I replaced all the lifters, did a cold rocker arm adjustment (another story but well worth the effort), now she is a purring fool.

Son is grinnning from ear to ear because to celebrate I also put on dual FlowMasters (Delta 40's) and a thumping sound system.

So the moral to our story is this, listen to the veterans here at VMF, don't give up ...... the answers are here, and do it with somebody who can share your frustration and accomplishments. Then put on the tunes, cruse the neighborhood, and turn some heads.

SOWMBO loves it too.

Thanks again guys!
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