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Finally, update on engine not starting.

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Sorry for not posting an update earlier, I had nothing new to report. I replaced the ignition switch among trying other things.
It wasn't until about a half hour ago I had SUCCESS!!!!!! (Not total, but better than ever).
I went to the underdash wiring and referred to the Osborn wiring charts. The red/green wire and black/green wire was connected to a white wire, but the book said it should be connected to a pink wire. (I also have the rally pac but it is not yet connected). So I connected the green wire pair to the pink and The engine 'held' the start. Engine sounds good!
So now I only have to figure out the final wiring pattern with the rally pac connected. Something must be up with that white wire connected to the green pair.
So other than figuring out the final wiring, the only other visible problem was a leaking coolant hose that I will tighten up. Timing is good too. Actually put it in gear and went a few feet forward and backward. So all the help I received on the transmission end was good too!
Can't thank everyone enough for their help in this whole process. Without this group, I don't know where I'd be.
THANKS to ALL, if anyone has any tips on why the wiring is buggered up, let me know
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