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Curious if anyone knows which models of fords have the same length axels as a 70 Mach, I currently have 28 spline axels, will I need 31 to match most posi's? Also, what ratio of rear end, Its a slightly modified 351 C auto. Not for racing but I'm not interested in going over 140mph.. Currently has 3.00 open.. thank you

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Traction locs are available in 28 or 31 spline models so let your prospective use guide you...

E.G. ....4 speed , slicks, 375 and up HP...I'd go 31 spline; with an automatic and the same combo, 28 spline axles would likely be ok up to around 400 hp....this would of course depend on the weight of the vehicle and converter choice....

IMO, if you think you need 31 spline axles, it would be slightly more expensive but I think ultimately easier if you got some street 31 spline units from someone like Strange or would also have the option of narrowing your rear slightly to allow for larger tires...

Take a look here for some specs on different Ford rears...

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