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finding an interior for a grande??

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any ideas ... seing as how it was only aroud for 1 year it seems to be a little difficult to find door panels and such ... my dash and seats are ind good condition but most everything else could use replacements
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The Grande was around for more than one year.Was still out in 73. The door panels are available at the Mustang suppliers, they are the delux panels, cups are also there, along with the woodgrain kits to redo them. Dash pads are expensive unless you want to go with the cover. All the goodies are there until you come to the stripe kits, I found mine in Florida,was on . The pillar emblems are a bit harder to come by as is the glove box one.The clock is the same as the Mach1. Upholstery is the delux comfort weave, also available..Any parts you cannot find let me know, I just finished redoing a 69 Grande, Wimbelton White, black Vin roof, blue interior, all matching #s, second owner, original driveline.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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