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Finding Disc brakes

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My stang has drum brakes all around, I'd really like some disc's on the front. My problem, its about $1000 for the conversion kit. Can I buy any old recked car with disc brakes and put them on mine or do they have to be off a certain make and year.
Thank you

ps, I'm open to any other suggestions.

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You can get brakes off:
-Another '70 Mustang
-71-73 Mustang
-Ford Granda (probably the easiest)

Some things you'll need to consider are bearing size and
brake proportioning....


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I've been very happy with my disc brakes off of a '78 Granada.

I have about $500 wrapped up in the conversion.
I could have done it for less too.

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I went the junkyard Granada conversion ran me about $270.00 with new rotors, bearings and seals, and lines. It would have been cheaper but I experimented with a couple of different brake line configurations.
check out my website for mounting Granada brakes...they'll fit your car.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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