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Hi to all VMFers,
I am a seroius stang nut like most of you.I have owned mustangs for the last 20 years. I am considering backing out of the hobby. I need a little help deciding this issue. I own a 69 Mach 1 390 w/ shaker under resto. Car was an original #s matching built in NJ. Have build sheet and all tags from factory. All body work is complete awaiting paint. Have all finish hardware from AMK. Have all finish chrome trim new NOS. Has all suspention new Not NOS. from Laurrel Mt parts, Engine and tranny still original factory condition( showing factory markings), original interior(needs covers), All original glass except wind shield. Engine compartment detail back to it original dripping form. Heres my problem I have no time left to finish this car. My family of 5 is geeting older and requiring much more of my time as well as my finances. How would I go about getting the max amount of $ invested back? 1- Do I part it all out and sell all parts individually , 2- Do I quicky paint it and sell the shell seperate from all other parts , 3 - Do I finish it less the interior, less motor, tranny rebiuld. This Mach1 was my show project. I have far too much time to even try to recoup that $ but want the max out of the car it self. ( Also have complete 69 coupe L code 68K original neads work but not rusted badly) &many parts for the 69 model mustang all grades ( Great for the drivers) Any help would be Appriecated thanks
Joe T
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