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Power washed the deck, replaced the draw slides on the roll out draw, painted the bathroom, hung the new medicine cabinate, etc. That means its back to work on the stang tomorrow. The kids will rake the lawn durring the week - that's what there for, right *LOL*.

You could get a lot of us in trouble posting that kind of stuff.
*G* Hope the photo doesn't burn your retinas,(camachinist) I'm working on it, but being an old fart it takes time with this new-fangled technology..;)

"Sometimes a man's life can depend on a mere scrap of information."-The man with no name

Great, now I'm getting "that look", I had her all convinced that it was still too early in the year to do any
work outside the garage.... now I gotta find the rake, Oh wait! my freshly painted bumper brackets are
still hanging from it... and the mower, I think it's wedged back behind my interior which is still in boxes...
Well obviously, I'll have to install my bumper to get to the rake, and my interior to get to the mower...
Ok, I think I'm set... at least for this weekend...

64.5 convertible (restomod in progress)
sold the COBRA for family sedan (new addition)

I dont need my wifes permission....
I'm not above begging forgiveness!!
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