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Finishing my 1966 Mustang Coupe!!

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Hey everyone, so I've recently ran into two issues while almost completely finished, for now, with my '66 coupe. The main issue is installing new weather-stripping for everything door related (doors, smoker window, quarter window, and the stripping between the front window and quarter.) and the trunk stripping. Does anyone have any tips, images, or videos that show how to install everything? Would be greatly appreciated. I understand how it goes, but I want to hear where to put adhesive stuff and what screws and extra parts need to go where. Second issues that has been annoying me. The driver side front window is very loose, you can basically push the window down with your finger, but still can go up and stays in place. Is there something I need to tighten like the rails, or do I need a new crank or what? I'll do a video if need be, it's a very weird thing to explain.
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Window issue is likely a worn window regulator. The teeth on the gears wear out at the end of the top travel.
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